The man reached Shravasti from Mumbai on foot for 14 days, died a little later; Wife told- he was alive after eating biscuits

Salma Begum, wife of Insaf Ali, a resident of Shrawasti in Uttar Pradesh, and her relatives have not yet come to know how the death took place?

Shravasti. Insaf Ali, a resident of Shrawasti in Uttar Pradesh, thought that he would be comfortable after reaching home. He thought that at least there would be no problem of eating at home, but luck was probably something else approved. After walking for 14 days, 1500 km from Mumbai, Ali reached his home, but he died after four hours. Ali, 35, was a resident of Matkhanwa village in the district. He died after arriving on Monday, 27 April. According to the English newspaper The Indian Express, the post-mortem of Ali, who worked as a Raj Mistry in Mumbai (Mumbai), could not be done as the hospital was awaiting the final report of his corona test. The post mortem will happen only when the result is negative.

Ali’s wife Salma Begum and her relatives are yet to guess how the death took place. According to the relatives, during the phone conversation, Ali had told that he is going on his journey by eating biscuits.

Two brothers stranded in Punjab
Salma, who was not able to see Ali even in her last moments, says that she was in the maternal home with her six-year-old son Irfan. By the time she returned, she had taken the body to the hospital. Ali’s two other brothers are also laborers, who are stranded in Punjab due to the lockdown.

According to the report, Salma told that Ali had left Mumbai on April 13 and told that he had no money. They were not getting work. If he had come to the village, at least something would have happened in the neighborhood.

Salma said, Ali was calling him during the journey. He hid in a truck in Jhansi with 10 people so that he would not have to face the police, for which he also paid Rs 3,000 to the driver. From there he came on foot to Bahraich and then the police caught him. He was told to go back. Somehow reached home. His phone was switched off, so he could not talk. Arriving here, he called me to come back to Matkhanwa.



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