Lockdown: VIP participation of students from Kota, workers left hungry

In Agar Malwa district, dozens of laborers going to Betul on foot from different places of Rajasthan were tired of looking at food for many hours. Eventually, he went hungry.

Agar Malwa In this Corona Crises, many good and bad pictures of governance and administration are being seen. In Agar Malwa district, a clear distinction was seen in the arrangements made by the administration for the children of poor, laborers and affluent people at one place. Here, in the Agar Malwa district on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, for the last five days, dozens of labourers who were going to Betul on foot from various places of Rajasthan, were tired of looking at food for many hours. Eventually the hungry stomachs walked towards their home with small children, while in the same camp built on the other side of the road, VIP food was provided with bottled water for the children of the class who arrived in buses from Kota and the Collector took care of them. High officials and the entire staff of the district including SP were present.

Did not get food even after waiting for hours

Actually, Rajasthan border in Agar Malwa district on Ujjain Kota road. Due to the lock-down, many workers from other states are measuring hundreds of kilometers for several days on their own steps on the road in the struggle to reach their homes on foot. On the way, they are eating what they are getting. There is no satisfactory arrangement from the governments for these. A similar case was found in Agar Malwa where dozens of laborers were coming to Madhya Pradesh through Rajasthan border. He was stopped by the administration on the checkpost built on the border. After stopping, they were asked to provide food, but what kind of food that these poor destitutes did not get even after waiting for half an hour, not 1 hour but several hours. Two loaves were not destined to be put in the stomach.

Children and women were distraught with hunger

According to the laborers, some lentils were cooked and given to them from the administration by the administration, which despite being cooked properly, they ate them but their children could not eat them. Their small children continued to starve, women looked distraught with hunger. Ultimately, these workers decided that it is better to leave for their house than to wait here for food for hours.

Hungry, thirsty kids were crying

Small children in the hands of these laborers who were crying in their mother and father’s unaided eyes. He was also aware of the poverty of his parents. What did they know that a delicious meal was also being made there, but this delicious meal was not for the fate of these poor people. In fact, many students from Kota were going to go through Madhya Pradesh border in many districts of the state. The matter was monitored at the national level. It was a matter of the image of the state government, so the delicious food was made for those students, but rather they were prepared in the morning in packets with bottled water. Despite being in front of the delicious food here, due to not being able to get it, the hungry thirsty wept.

Social organizations feed the workers

However, after leaving from there, the group of poor came 15-20 kilometers ahead, then some social organizations fed these destitute poor sitting on the road and feeding them with respect. At the same time, administrative officials claimed that food was also being made for the laborers, but they left. Now, who should tell them how long to entertain the hungry stomach.

The workers had blisters on their feet

Now the question arises here that if in fact the administration was not discriminating and wanted to feed these laborers, then the food packets made for the students could be distributed among these hungry poor, because the students coming from Kota were late Due to this, the workers were about to reach in the evening and the workers started arriving from 11 o’clock in the morning. Many of these workers had blisters on their feet while walking. There was no vehicle available for them, nor was anyone going to ask about their problems.


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