Muslims not involved in lynching of saints in Palghar, Maharashtra Home Minister released the names of all the accused

While giving information about the developments so far, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh also warned against giving any communal color to the incident.

Palagh Regarding the mob litching of sadhus at Palghar Incident in Maharashtra, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has clarified that none of the people arrested in the beating incident in Palghar is Muslim.

On a viral video regarding the incident, Deshmukh said, ‘A voice was heard in the video’ Oye bus’. People made it viral by calling it ‘Shoaib Bus’. All states are fighting the epidemic and some people tried to make it communal in this case.

Deshmukh said that ‘a special IG level officer in the CID is investigating this case. But I would like to say that the police arrested 101 people within 8 hours of the crime. We are releasing the names of the accused through WhatsApp today, there is no Muslim in that list. ‘

What is the matter
Deshmukh said in a Facebook address, “None of the accused arrested in connection with this incident is Muslim.” It is unfortunate that communal politics is being done after this incident. ”Without naming anyone, he said,“ Some people are seeing ‘Mungerilal’s beautiful dreams’. This is not the time to do politics but to fight the corona virus together. ‘

Earlier on Monday, the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Office tweeted that, ‘Action has been taken on the Palghar incident. Those who attacked 2 sadhus, a driver and police personnel, the police have arrested all those accused on the day of the incident. The perpetrators of this crime and shameful act will be severely punished.

Let us know that in Palghar district, a mob of about 200 people had beaten three people on suspicion of being a thief. Later two of these people were confirmed to be monks, while the third person was described as a driver. This incident happened when on Thursday night these people were going from Mumbai’s Kandivali in a car to Surat in Gujarat. The opposition is constantly attacking the Uddhav government regarding the incident. The deceased were identified as Chicane Maharaj Kalpavrikshgiri (70), Sushilgiri Maharaj (35) and driver Nilesh Telgade (30). The Maharashtra government ordered a high-level inquiry into the incident and suspended two policemen from Palghar on Monday on charges of negligence in duty. (With agency input)


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