Trump said on corona virus, ‘America attacked, it was not the flu’

US President Donald Trump said in a press conference on Wednesday on the Coronavirus, ‘We have been attacked. It was an attack, it was not the flu.

Washington. President Donald Trump, who is trying to deal with the crisis in the country due to Coronavirus, said that the country was attacked. More than 47,000 people have died and more than 8,52,000 people have been infected with Covid-19 in the US. Trump said at a daily press conference at the White House on Wednesday, ‘We have been attacked. It was an attack, it was not the flu. Nobody has ever seen anything like this, this was the last time in 1917.

America’s economy better than China
He gave this answer on the question of increasing debt of several thousand billion dollars on America. Trump said that his administration has come to the aid of people and industries directly affected by the global epidemic. We have no other option. I always worry about everything. We have to overcome this problem. Our economy has been the largest in the history of the world, better than China or say it better than any other country.

Trump said it would cost money to reopen
We raised it in the last three years and then suddenly one day they said that you have to stop it. Now, we are opening it again and we will be very strong but to reopen you will have to invest some money on it. We saved our airlines. We saved many companies, which are big companies and two months ago they were having their best year… and then suddenly got out of the market.

Reduction in cases in many places
There is a continuous decrease in new cases in the country. The places where the highest number of cases were seen, now their status remains stable. They are moving in the right direction. Cases have declined in the Boston area. Cases have remained stable in Chicago ….. the worst time has passed in Detroit. This shows that the aggressive strategy of dealing with the virus is paying off and many states are in a position to reopen slowly. (Agency input)


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